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Strawberry Vanilla Cupcake Perfume

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Perfume Description

Strawberry Vanilla Cupcake by Pastry Perfumes is crafted for all who loves the soft yet sweet aroma of baked strawberries desserts with warm creamy vanilla undertones. This perfume induces a romantic nostalgia and nurtures a sense of comfort. It brings back fond memories of the lingering sweetness of a freshly baked cupcake in your favourite patisserie.

Eau De Parfum, 30 ml.
Last up to 12 hours.
Formulated in the USA.

Top notes: Strawberry, Geranium and Green
Middle notes: Iris and rose
Base notes: Marshmallow, Vanilla, Caramel, and Sugar

Why Pastry Perfumes?

  1. Long-Lasting Scent that Last up to 12 hours - Focus on your day, you no longer have to touch up every few hours.
  2. Pleasant Smell without Headache - Our perfumes are designed to uplift your mood with their alluring scent.
  3. Able to use for Prayers (for Muslims) - Usage of laboratory-grade ethanol that is permissible for prayers.
  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed - If we don't deliver quality, we would refund you 100%.

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