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[Twin Set] Berry Brulée & Lemon Meringue

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Perfume Description

Enjoy both Berry Brulée & Lemon Meringue perfume in this twin set. A perfect pair to accompany you through any day.

Berry Brûlée by Pastry Perfumes is a sultry warm fragrance that teases you with sensual notes of creamy woods, followed by the alluring sweetness of melted blackberry drizzle. The first whiff of the perfume takes you to a posh French restaurant where you bite into a spoon of decadent vanilla custard, as crisp brown sugar melts into your mouth revealing a burst of sweetness from wild blueberries.

Eau De Parfum, 30 ml.
Last up to 12 hours.
Formulated in the USA.

Top notes: Poached Strawberry, Blackberry Drizzle, White Peach
Middle notes: Brown Sugar, Crystallized Vanilla, Velvety Jasmine
Base notes: Creamy Woods, Fluffy Musk, Warm Amber

Lemon Meringue by Pastry Perfumes is a perfect summer scent with clean and refreshing citrus notes. The zingy lemon scent subsides to reveal a hint of creamy Tahitian vanilla infused with smooth notes of sandalwood, making it a beautiful balance of sophistication and sensuality. A distinct flavour profile that inspires elegance and luxury, it is an opulent scent that enlivens the ambience.

Eau De Parfum, 30 ml.
Last up to 12 hours.
Formulated in the USA.

Top notes: Black Currant, Bing Cherry, Orange Confit
Middle notes: Lemon Meringue, Jasmine Petals, Wild Peony
Base notes: Tahitian Vanilla, Golden Amber, Smooth Sandalwood

Why Pastry Perfumes?

  1. Long Lasting Scent that Last up to 12 hours - Focus on your day, you no longer have to touch up every few hour.
  2. Pleasant Smell without Headache - Our perfumes are designed to uplift your mood with its alluring scent.
  3. Able to use for Prayers (for Muslims) - Usage of laboratory grade ethanol that is permissible for prayers.
  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed - If we don't deliver quality, we would refund you 100%.
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